Research Program

I engage in a well-defined research program, with a focus on consumer goals
and motivation
. I often explore the role emotions play in motivation. My work is theory-focused, with an eye towards introducing new constructs, exploring new processes, or identifying where existing theories intersect to generate new insights. At the same time, I focus on topics that offer applied insights to both consumers and marketers.


Much of my work focuses on self-regulation goals, which involve tradeoffs between short- and long-term goals, like enjoying cake versus losing weight, going on vacation versus saving, or indulging in a shopping spree versus donating to help others. These tradeoffs underlie many of society’s biggest struggles including obesity, mounting debt, lack of retirement savings, and social inequity. My work aims to provide insights to marketers and consumers, to aid both in improving consumer engagement and outcomes.

A summary of key projects and findings, as well as work in progress/review, can be found here.
For detailed information on my published work, please click here.


Research Productivity

All of my work has been published in the top three tiers of journals defined by the department/college, with the majority in the top-most tier (A-Plus; Financial Times 50). I am the lead author on all of my publications, providing evidence of my research leadership. Owing to my research productivity and impact, I recently received the University of Central Florida Research Incentive Award (2018-2019; awarded to approximately 50 of the 2500+ research faculty): "In recognition of the outstanding impact of [my] scholarly work."


To further highlight my success in research within the last five years, I compiled data on publications in the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, and Journal of Consumer Psychology. These are the three journals categorized by my department as top-tier (A-Plus, Financial Times 50) and which publish significant amounts of (i.e., more than 10%) consumer behavior research. I collected data from 8/2014 (my start date at UCF) to 3/2019, including forthcoming articles. I compared my record in these journals to the 1,844 authors who published in these journals in this time period, including all professors at all ranks. My overall publication record ranks me in the top 8% of authors. When accounting for my research leadership role, demonstrated in first authorship, my record tied for #19 in the field (top 1%). These rankings are within the small percentage of the field that publishes in these elite journals.

I further compared my record to the 373 peer-scholars who started new jobs between 2013-2015 (a year before and after my start date at UCF) using the DocSig “Who Went Where” report. For this analysis, I included the top three tiers of journals in my departmental list (please click here to view the journal list). Across these tiers, I have seven publications, all first-authored. This record rank tied 6th (top 1.34%) in terms of total number of publications, and ranked 4th (top 0.80%) in terms of first-authored publications. 

Further details on these analyses can be found here.


Research Excellence

The quantity and quality of my publications within my program of research have earned me a reputation for research excellence, evident in the aforementioned UCF Research Inventive Award.


I have also been invited to speak at premier institutions internationally (e.g., the Technion, ranked #6 in innovation worldwide), and have been invited to serve on the Editorial Review Board (ERB) of the Journal of Consumer Psychology. As the editor notes: “This decision reflects…your high stature in the field, your active research program, (and) your publication record….” I am honored to join the two senior professors in my department who similarly serve on an ERB of an A-Plus journal.


My work has also been extensively cited in psychology, neuro-psychology, finance, medicine, economics, and marketing. My research has also received attention in the popular press (e.g., the Wall Street Journal ) and in books on motivation and emotion (Jast 2017; Neidenthal and Ric 2017).


Further details on specific publications and contributions can be found in the “Research Details" page.


Research Details

A summary of key projects and findings, alongside work in progress/review, is provided in the attached PDF.

Detailed information on each of my published papers can be found in the "Research Details" page. 

BA2-308 D, Department of Marketing University of Central Florida
Orlando 32812